Anavar is the brand name for Oxandrolone. It’s a popular oral anabolic steroid. This steroid can help you get in shape fast. It is basically a cutting steroid. Anavar may not help you experience huge gains in muscle mass. So, it is not usually used for bulking purposes.

However, nowadays, you can buy Anavar online. If you do a web search for the terms “Anavar for sale”, “buy Anavar online”, etc, you will find many online stores for sure. But you should not pick an online steroid store randomly or based on your gut feeling alone. You can read tips and advice on the internet to be able to find out reliable online steroid shops easily and quickly.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the major benefits of Anavar for bodybuilders and athletes. At the end of the post, we will talk about a trusted online steroid supplier as well. Consider going through the full post to know more!

Benefits of Anavar

Here’s how Anavar can help you reach your bodybuilding and performance goals:

  • First of all, as mentioned earlier, Anavar is usually used during cutting phases. It promotes fat loss. The correct use of Anavar can help you burn the extra calories in less time.
  • Second, Anavar can cause an increase in the rate of protein synthesis. It also increases nitrogen retention which leads to faster muscle growth. You can expect to gain lean muscle mass using this steroid.
  • Third, the administration of Anavar can help you experience great strength gains. Your body will be capable of working out harder and longer. Also, you will be lifting heavier weights in the gym.
  • Fourth, Anavar doesn’t aromatize. It means this steroid compound will not convert into estrogen. So, you don’t need to be worried about problems like the enlargement of breasts in men with this steroid.
  • Fifth, this steroid will help you protect lean muscle mass during a cutting phase. It is actually one of the main reasons why many athletes prefer to use Anavar.
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Anavar Dosage and Cycles

The recommended dosage of Anavar for beginners is 50 mg per day. Anavar cycles tend to last between 6-8 weeks. Nevertheless, Anavar is often stacked with other steroids for better results. This steroid compound can be stacked with Testosterone for strength improvement. For cutting, you can stack Anavar with Trenbolone or Primobolan.

Anavar Side Effects

Some common side effects of Anavar include acne, suppression of natural Testosterone production, risk of liver damage, hair loss, mood changes, depression, high blood pressure, etc. Overdoses must be avoided in order to reduce the severity of these side effects.

Order Anavar Online

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